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We help startups to get global recognition and existing projects to boost their profit in Europe, Asia, and America

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We promote websites and online stores to the first positions in search engines in any country and language.


We attract new users to mobile apps and games. We increase their viability and profitability.

IT Consulting
and Development

We develop the architecture of your IT products. We create websites, mobile apps, complex web services, and cloud solutions.


We create and implement unique marketing and digital strategies. We find new customers with online advertising.


Ingeto Research is a product of Ingeto Technologies. It's a neural network for in-depth audit and mapping of a promotion strategy of websites and mobile applications.

It allows you to boost the conversion of your website or mobile app and find possible errors in technical optimization. Also, the service helps to improve your advertising strategies and efficiently analyze the interests and needs of your target audience.

At the moment, Ingeto Research is a private resource for Ingeto Technologies specialists and our key partners. To get the private access, send us an email and share how the service could be useful for your project.

Ingeto Sales is a platform for sales boost of your online store. We gathered the essence of our promotion experience with 80+ various online shops in one platform.

Ingeto Sales is built on interaction algorithms of e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and search engines. We make an efficient link profile for every page of your online store to ensure the higher rankings in search engines.

The service constantly evolves and gets extra functions. At the moment, the service works in English, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Ingeto Primary SEO is a service for the affordable promotion of simple websites. The main goal of the promotion is the selection of the most efficient links for website's further link building. The AI chooses the most useful links for the website on 145+ parameters of the market.

Besides, this product provides the compilation of SEO strategies and monthly recommendations for optimization and content improvement of the site.

Ingeto technologies /


Videos Ads

We write scripts, create and promote videos on YouTube and other social media and platforms.

Integrated Marketing

We create a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with your brand.


We enhance the brand visibility online with social media and useful content.​

Startup Growth

We help new and ambitious projects to get global recognition


ASO promotion of Israeli hotels booking app.

Boosted the visibility of the app for recommendations in 3 months, attracted 50.000+ new users.

Integrated digital marketing of cryptocurrency exchange platform in Thailand.

First ranking in the Google Thailand search, Google Play, App Store and mobile search.

Development and SEO promotion of the platform for gamers in European countries. 

Promoted from scratch to the TOP 3 across Europe in 6 months.

Currently, the site gets 500 daily European visitors that make about 50 purchases.

Development and SEO promotion of online store in the USA. 

Raised site traffic from 0 to 1.000.000 visitors a month. 

Current TOP 3 in search meeting 760 keyword searches.

SEO promotion of the cargo company’s website and SMM in Germany, Italy, and Turkey. 

TOP 1 in Google Play Germany and Italy by most common search requests in one year.

Brought 50.000+ new clients with contextual and targeted ads.

ASO optimization of the Israeli parking payment app.

We have developed a convenient application for parking payment in Israel and got the first ranking in Google Play in this category.

Development and SEO promotion of online store in Turkey. 

250+ sold laptops and game PCs monthly. First ranking on most brand search requests.

Website development and SEO promotion of shopping center’s website in France.

TOP 3 for most branded search requests, 14.000 unique transitions from the search engines per day.

Comprehensive Local SEO promotion of the company’s website in Oregon, USA.

The site is promoted to the TOP 3 Google search on all, even high-frequency search engine requests.

12,000 unique transitions from search engines in a month.

Comprehensive Local SEO promotion of company’s website in Chicago, USA.

TOP 3 by the main keywords in the search engine. Higher ranking in the region, leading over the bigger national companies.

Mobile application development, startup launch and comprehensive digital marketing in North America and UAE.


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